MONETISE YOUR SITE BY GENERATING SALES AND LEADS for the world’s most recognised brands

Created by industry experts.

Commission Factory is everything you would expect from a performance network.

The network was built from the ground up with ease-of-use, simplicity and great form and function as its core. Our goal has always been about building successful relationships between our Affiliates, Advertisers and Agencies through transparency, quality and delivering a high level of service.

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Feature rich without being complicated.

Through automation and optimised design we’ve taken out all the hassle.

Real-Time Reporting
Real-time, as-it-happens access to your data and transactions in order to optimise on-the-fly.

Reliable and Accurate Tracking
Ensure everything is tracked. We support cookie-less, digital fingerprinting and click-less tracking.

Weekly and Automated Payments
Get paid every week, automatically on all approved transactions – no more waiting!

Full Control and Transparency
Know where all sales came from, what currency they were recorded in and who is responsible.

Powering campaigns for some of the most recognised brands.

We generate up to $25,000,000 in sales for our clients per month

David Jones

One of Australia’s most recognised and established brands (founded in 1838). Known for high quality products and stunning stores.

The Iconic

Known by many names around the world, The Iconic has quickly become a fashion retail powerhouse of quality and service.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal are known for fashion clothing, shoes, and accessories for young women. More than 550,000 customers in over 60 countries.

Commission Factory is as mobile as you are.

Check your sales and revenues on-the-go or have everything you need for your next meeting.

For Affiliates and Advertisers alike, it’s important to be able to check your revenues and sales on the go. With our real-time data you can optimise your campaigns immediately.

The Commission Factory apps are perfect for those with busy or social lifestyles. You can quickly see a snapshot of your daily, weekly or monthly performance as well as receive instant notifications of new campaigns.

Mobile devices have become an important part of our lives, that’s why we support all of the most popular platforms with regular updates to functionality for seamless desktop to mobile migration and account management.

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One performance network. Many solutions.

Did you know that you can gain access to many services all on a performance basis?

Affiliate Marketing

Increase your sales, reach and brand awareness all on a performance basis with bloggers, coupons, comparison sites and apps.

Cart Abandonment

Target and convert the 75% of abandoned shopping carts all on performance and with your own account manager.

Behavioural Retargeting

Our retargeting partners bring the power of exchange-traded media to the affiliate space to deliver scalable and effective performance.

Paid Search

Our paid search partners invest the media spend and remunerated only when they deliver something tangible in return: be it a sale or a lead.

Thousands of affiliates use Commission Factory worldwide. Get started for FREE today!

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